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Photo: Inanna Imagery

The story

The Animal Warfare Act is a horror metal band, originally from Whitehorse, Yukon, and now based in Toronto.


The Animal Warfare Act was started in 2018 as a solo project, by then 19-year-old vocalist and guitarist Hopskotch. Hopskotch had been a somewhat prominent member of the Yukon’s music scene for several years as part of teenage hardcore group Warrmauth. Because of his connections in the community, The Animal Warfare Act started getting offered shows before it was even a real band. 


After recruiting younger brother Corndog as the band's drummer, the two brought The Animal Warfare Act from a hobby project into a legitimate band, eventually recording and releasing debut album The Doomsday Tapes in 2020.


In the fall of 2021, the brothers, seeing they could take their music somewhere, left their hometown behind to move down to Toronto and take a shot of making a name for the band in a major city. Shortly before leaving, they laid down the tracks for a new record, with plans to release it once they had some traction in Ontario. 

In October 2022, The Animal Warfare Act unleashed Please Don't Feed the Animals, and continue to gig in Toronto and nearby cities.


The story goes that The Animal Warfare Act was created as a military initiative, with animals being genetically modified for combat. Their brains were fused with AI technology, which eventually led them to turn on humanity and eliminate the overgrown and destructive species. Soon, the world will recover from the catastrophic damage humans inflicted on it, as prophesized by The Animal Warfare Act through the group’s vicious music. 

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